Recent Studies on Social Security Disability

April 25, 2012

Recent reports suggest that the disability rolls have increased over the past few years.  The reports suggest a number of reasons:  more women in the workforce who have paid Social Security taxes have increased eligibility; individuals who working with disabilities apply when they lose their jobs due to the high levels of unemployment and the baby boomers who are now getting older and becoming more fragile with age.  Some studies suggest that Americans are generally in better health, despite contrary reports about the growing medical problems caused by increasing obesity.

The one bright light in the most recent article reported in the New York Times today is that the author notes that the disability program offers “essential support” for disabled workers – many of whom have no chance of holding another job due to medical problems, physical restrictions and mental limitations.  Every day, I talk to people whose lives are in economic ruin due to an inability to work.  Every person I talk to would trade their medical problems for an ability to hold a job down.  It is heartening that even with the recent concerns about the viability of the Social Security Disability program, major news outlets remain convinced, as I do, that the disability program is vital to those who cannot work.

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