Do You Need a Social Security Disability Attorney?

July 10, 2013

When a person is filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits, they are usually fairly confident.  Often they have the assurance of their doctor that they are disabled or that they cannot work.  What else does a person need?  In actuality, a lot more.  Applying for benefits can be a lengthy and stressful process full of deadlines and details, paperwork and ever-changing regulations.  Below are five reasons to consider hiring an attorney.

1.  It’s Complicated:  The claims process is complex.  No one thinks his claim will be denied, but the fact is that most claims – even legitimate ones – are initially denied.  It is easy to misunderstand the process and provide information to the SSA that may be misconstrued.  An attorney can clarify the details for the SSA, collect medical records, request helpful statements for physicians and deal with the claims representative on behalf of individuals filing for disability.

2.  The Fine Print:  It is hard for a layperson to navigate the language and legal meaning of the Social Security rules and regulations.  An attorney can help make the terminology clear.

3.  Communication with the Social Security Administration:  Communicating with Social Security can be done through an attorney.  Clients should not feel intimidated or that they are not connecting with the right party at the Social Security office.  Attorneys can communicate with the claims representatives at all of the Social Security offices to make sure a claim is being processed in a timely manner and that everything that they need is obtained and submitted.

4.  Representation in Court:  If a claim advances to a hearing, an attorney can gather evidence, represent a person in the hearing, discuss the legal bases for finding disability with the judge and make sure all of the needed information is put into a claim file.

5.  Past Due Benefits:  If a client wins his Social Security claim, an attorney will review all notices to confirm that a client receives all of the benefits that are due.


If you need help with a Social Security Disability claim, please call our office at 904-981-9812.


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