Social Security Cards

October 23, 2013

Here is an item of interest I ran across recently.

Individuals with names that are too long are being denied the ability to put their entire name on their Social Security cards.   Read on:

Genevieve Catlyn Williamson Heidenreich, wants her entire married name to go on her Social Security card.

But Social Security is saying no. …

“He said to me, ‘it doesn’t fit.’ And I said, ‘what do you mean?’ And he said, ‘it doesn’t fit, the computer won’t let me move on,'” Heidenreich explained about her visit to the Sacramento Social Security office. …

A Social Security representative explained for the agency’s purposes, a legal name consists of a first and last name only.

“The first and middle name fields allow 16 characters each and the last name allows 21 characters,” the statement added. …

As for technical limitations, Heidenreich said she can’t imagine any reason the process couldn’t be changed.

“We’re, you know, printing livers on 3D printers and I can’t have my name? It’s kinda wild.”

A second incident:

After nearly four years of trying, Ashley Barton became pregnant with her first child, who was born in 2012.

“Her name is Hi’ileikawainohiamaikalohena Barton,” Barton said.
That’s 27 letters, plus the okina, in her baby’s first name as shown on her birth certificate.

But when Barton received her daughter’s Social Security card, she noticed nearly half of her first name was dropped.

“And I asked them, ‘Why is that?’ and they said that there is a limit to how many characters they can put on the Social Security card,” Barton said.

I’ve never seen this kind of story before and now there are two of them on the same day?  Odd.

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