Hearing Processing Times Increasing

December 11, 2013

After several years of improvement in hearing office average processing times and reduction of the backlog, the new numbers release reflect an average increase of nearly one month between 2012 and 2013 even though the number of requests for hearings dropped by nearly 25,000.  Part of this is likely due to budget reductions.  The federal government shut down did not help matters.  In Jacksonville, Florida, it is taking 469 days to process a request for a hearing.  The office ranks #142 out of 165 offices nationally.   Honolulu, Hawaii ranks first in the nation, taking an average of 220 days to process a request for a hearing.  Seems like living in Hawaii would have a benefit other than the weather and beaches.  Interestingly, five other Florida hearing offices are ranked even lower than Jacksonville:

St. Petersburg, FL #148 with 480 days

Tampa, FL #148 with 480 days (tie with St. Pete)

Tallahassee, FL #154 with 500 days

Miami, FL #164 with 589 days

Fort Meyers, FL #165 with 618 days



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