I was excited to get a flier from my husband, also an attorney, for a seminar in Social Security Disability law.  It boasted that the speakers collectively had over a hundred years of experience.  He thought I might want to attend.  I do!  Then, I noticed I was the speaker.

So I guess I will be attending.



Great article in the Florida Times-Union about disabled workers.  The U.S census reports that one in five Americans has a disability.  Having a disability is not synonymous with being unhealthy as many chronic conditions can be managed effectively with diet, medication or exercise.  Accommodations from an employer might be needed if a person can still work.

The full article is here:  http://jacksonville.com/business/2014-05-14/story/work-wanted-workers-disability-can-be-very-productive

In an ironic twist, given the stories about fraud on the part of the disabled, an SSA employee was charged last month with demanding and receiving in kickbacks from D.C. residents seeking disability benefits.  Christopher Payton was charged with receipt of a bribe by a public official.  According to charging documents, Payton used his position to convince 13 applicants to pay him in order to qualify for federal benefits or an increase in their disability payments.  After receiving the funds, Payton accessed the database and retroactively increased payments which resulted in a transfer to the individuals who paid him.  Over a five month period, he received $54,700 in bribes.

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