Call it a paperless experiment that didn’t quite pan out. In 2011, a budget-strapped Social Security Administration (SSA) stopped mailing annual benefit statements to workers over 25 in order to save $70 million on annual printing and mailing costs.

In return, the agency launched the “my Social Security” online tool that allows 24/7 access to your statement, as well as other helpful information. Your statement shows a complete record of your taxable earnings as well as estimated retirement, disability and survivor benefits.

Although more than 13 million people have opened accounts, that’s only about 6 percent of the American workforce. With millions of Baby Boomers at or approaching retirement age, Congress was justifiably concerned that not enough people were accessing this critical retirement-planning tool.

This month, SSA will resume mailing paper statements every five years to workers from ages 25 to 60, provided they haven’t already signed up for online statements. The expectation is that more people will migrate to electronic services over time, as Social Security continues to close field offices and reduce in-office paperwork services – thanks to years of funding cutbacks.

Florida Super Lawyers Revealed

September 17, 2014

For the fourth year in a row, I’m honored to be named as a Florida Super Lawyer.  This is a particularly nice honor because the Super Lawyers are chosen by peers.  Attorneys have many choices when it comes to naming Super Lawyers–they can look at their bosses, mentors, work associates or personal friends–so it is a special tribute to be chosen by my peers.

Disabled And Blessed

September 10, 2014

I’m so proud to announce the publication of Disabled And Blessed – How to Navigate the Waters of Social Security Disability by David Anthony II.  David is the son of one of my favorite clients and he has written a fantastic book about his mother’s medical problems and the disability process.  His book is a thoughtful narrative on accepting disability and moving through the Social Security Disability process while looking at the blessings the change in perspective brings.

While disability can prompt a series of changes — financial, personal, marital and emotion — David helps you look at the blessings that can be found in change. From a stronger relationship with your family and friends to a commitment to faith, these changes can enhance your life in ways you never expected.

The author may be able to offer you a discount when purchasing the book. Please contact
or 904.945.9181. It is also available at Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble or directly through Amazon at:

The Social Security Administration recently announced that local Social Security offices would continue to provide benefit verification letters until further notice. Providing services when and where the public needs them remains central to Social Security’s efforts, while continuing to encourage federal, state, and local agencies to take advantage of Social Security’s data exchange programs that can serve customers more efficiently and effectively.

Over the last few years, Social Security has invested in technology that allows most government agencies and many other organizations to verify their clients’ Social Security benefits electronically without requiring them to visit a local Social Security office, however, they now recognize that some members of the public require in-person assistance and they will continue to provide that assistance if needed.

Members of the public with Internet access can obtain benefit verification information by creating a my Social Security account at


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