Disabled And Blessed

September 10, 2014

I’m so proud to announce the publication of Disabled And Blessed – How to Navigate the Waters of Social Security Disability by David Anthony II.  David is the son of one of my favorite clients and he has written a fantastic book about his mother’s medical problems and the disability process.  His book is a thoughtful narrative on accepting disability and moving through the Social Security Disability process while looking at the blessings the change in perspective brings.

While disability can prompt a series of changes — financial, personal, marital and emotion — David helps you look at the blessings that can be found in change. From a stronger relationship with your family and friends to a commitment to faith, these changes can enhance your life in ways you never expected.

The author may be able to offer you a discount when purchasing the book. Please contact veanthony@bellsouth.net
or 904.945.9181. It is also available at Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble or directly through Amazon at:


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