Suddenly Disabled – Part 1

October 1, 2014

Many people think about disability and lots of people wonder who are the people who draw disability benefits, but not many people think about what their life would be like if they suddenly became disabled.  I think many people assume that as they get older, they might develop medical problems that could slow them down, but sudden disability at a relatively young age is a very real possibility.  Right now I am representing people who are just like me who suffered a life changing event  and, despite their best-laid plans, are looking at financial ruin without the safety net that Social Security Disability Insurance benefits provide.

Consider the 35 year old teacher who cannot walk without a walker or use her hands reliably due to an unexpected diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

Or think about the 52 year old man who was working as an auto mechanic–the primary breadwinner for his family–when he suffered an injury at work that has him undergoing two years of surgeries and the fear of not being able to walk again.

Or how about the 22 year old who was in a car accident that has left her with over $800,000 in medical bills and a brain injury such that she will never be able to work again.

These are the people I help and these are the people that the taxes paid into Social Security protect from financial devastation.

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