Suddenly Disabled – Part 2

October 8, 2014

Last week, I posted about people who are just like me who became suddenly disabled and unable to provide for themselves or their families financially.  Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are set up to protect those individuals.  The Social Security system was built to serve a real and genuine need – all American workers pay Social Security taxes for this basic level of financial protection against disability.  Not only do the taxes insure each worker for disability benefits, the taxes also insure the children of deceased workers who become disabled prior to the age of 22 as well as disabled widows.

Children under 22 have typically not paid Social Security taxes, especially if the children suffer from a disabling problem from early in life such as cerebral palsy or Down’s syndrome.  Or maybe your beautiful daughter is in a horseback riding accident.  Maybe your son is hit by a drunk driver.  Children become disabled every day.  Working and paying taxes insures that they will have some measure of financial stability.  I don’t have to imagine that these things happen because I see it and hear it from my clients every day.  Cancer, car accidents, sports injuries, work place injuries, gunshot wounds, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimers — these problems can rob a person of their ability to work, but Social Security Disability and the medical insurance that eventually accompanies the benefits can help provide some stability and peace of mind.


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