SSI Exclusions

October 29, 2014

When visiting the Social Security District Office last month, I was pleasantly surprised.   My client was scheduled to meet with a claims representative at 10:15.  We were called to the window within 15 minutes of our scheduled time, which makes them better than the average doctor’s office at the outset.  The claims representative was polite and helpful.  She was professional and answered questions that related to my client’s claim as well as some general questions I had.


Specifically, she let me know about some income/asset exclusions for SSI calculations.  Food stamps are not included.  The values of cars will be calculated using the NADA website.  The value of the cars are calculated by deducting any debt owed on the car from the NADA value.  One car does not count but the value of the second car will be counted.  I also learned that if you have children who might be SSI eligible and you are drawing Title II SSDI benefits on your own record, any SSDI auxiliary benefits will be counted as income to the SSI-eligible child, but benefits paid to the non-SSI-eligible children are not.  The last piece of information I gathered was that if an SSI eligible child receives child support, two-thirds of the amount of child support is counted as income.

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