Expediting Disability Claims: Terminal Illness

November 19, 2014

SSA will expedite claims based upon a terminal illness.  SSA calls these claims “TERI Cases”.  SSA will never mark a case as terminal, but will always refer to the claim as a TERI case.  A claim will be identified as a TERI case when

the claimant, the claimant’s friends or family or the claimant’s physician states that the condition is terminal;

the claim is based upon a diagnosis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also knows as Lou Gehrig’s Disease;

the claimant is enrolled in hospice (either in home or inpatient);

the claimant has an ongoing need for life support;

the claimant is on a waiting list for a heart, lung, liver or bone marrow transplant;

the claimant has chronic pulmonary or heart failure that needs continuous home oxygen and cannot care for his or her personal needs;

the diagnosis is cancer that has metastasized, is stage IV, recurs after treatment or is inoperable;

the claimant has been in a coma more than 30 days; or

the claimant is a newborn who is born with a fatal genetic or congenital defect.


Other terminal conditions may also qualify.  It is best to obtain a statement from a physician and submit that as proof of the terminal nature of the disease.

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