Faces and Facts of Disability

December 17, 2014

One of the most common criticisms that I hear about the disability programs is that they are full of fraud.  While there is fraud within the disability programs and every large program, it is not nearly as prevalent, in my opinion, as people imagine.  The constant criticism of the disability process has resulted in a smaller percentage of people being awarded benefits.  Thus, it is more difficult to receive benefits today than ever before. Claim approval rates have been on steady downward trends for decades with no signs of bottoming out. Some Judges approval rate for claims is in the teens, meaning more than 80 of 100 claims the Judge sees are denied.

One significant factor, even among the administrative law judges, is a loss of focus on the good this program does for many American workers. Recently, the SSA released a video that show some of the faces that the disability programs help. It provides facts about the program and how it is essential to help our citizens that are less fortunate.

I hope you will watch the short video and thoughtfully consider who the program is designed to help, and how important it is to those individuals.



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