Wishes and Hopes for the New Year

December 31, 2014

My short wish list for the new year – hopes both big and small!

1.  I wish that SSA would make a client’s file available to me from the moment I represent them instead of limiting the availability to after I file the Request for Hearing.

2.  I wish that the hearing office could get out from under the backlog of cases awaiting hearings so that my clients could obtain a resolution on their claims.

3.  I wish that medical researchers could find a cause and cure for MS – this group of people represents a large part of my practice.  Through my practice and my work with the North Florida MS Society, I see firsthand the devastation this disease causes.

4.  I wish that the hearing office would stop sending my corrupted discs so that I could review the files I need to review.

5.  I hope that my clients know how much time I spend thinking about them individually and how much I want to prevail in each one of their cases.

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