Wrongful Dismissals

January 28, 2015

About 19,000 claimants will be offered another chance to receive an ALJ hearing after wrongful dismissals.  SSA failed to send hearing notices to claimants’ correct addresses after claimants advised SSA of new addresses.  These claimants never received hearing notices or orders to show cause for missing their hearings.  SSA advocates brought this issue to the attention of SSA.  A random sampling of 400 cases from different hearing offices found that about 15% of the hearing notices were sent to incorrect addresses despite SSA having current contact information.  SSA then studied the program nationwide and discovered 19,000 claimants whose cases were dismissed after the notices were sent to old addresses.  SSA now plans to send notices to reopen their cases and have new hearings.

Claimants will need to indicate their wish to have their cases reopened; new hearings will not be automatically scheduled.

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