Von Willebrand Disease and Social Security Disability

July 8, 2015

Von Willebrand disease can be genetic or it may develop later in life. Either way, it is a condition that can result in significant and prolonged bleeding because of a problem with the von Willebrand factor in the blood that is necessary for proper clotting.

Qualifying for Social Security Disability
Many people with von Willebrand disease can lead healthy lives if they take the right medications. However, sometimes the condition can’t be controlled and in those cases an individual might qualify for Social Security Disability.  If the condition causes significant deterioration of function or very specific issues listed below, SSD might be an option:

1.  Coagulation defect. If a person’s von Willebrand disease causes spontaneous hemorrhage requiring transfusion at least three times during the five months prior to applying, he or she may qualify for Social Security disability.

2.  Anemia. Anemia can be a complication of von Willebrand disease. If someone is anemic and meets the eligibility standard of a hematocrit of 30 percent or less with one or more blood transfusions on an average of at least once every two months, he or she may qualify.

3.  The condition is medically equal to a condition in the Listing of Impairments. If someone can prove that his or her von Willebrand disease is medically equal to any listing in the Listing of Impairments then that person may qualify for Social Security disability.

4.  A medical-vocational allowance. If the SSA considers an applicant’s age, health, education, and vocational history and determines that the person is unable to work and earn a minimum level of income, then the person may qualify for Social Security disability.

An individual only needs to be found eligible in one of the four ways listed above in order to receive Social Security disability benefits.  Establishing that a person falls into one of the four categories can be challenging and typically requires a significant amount of specific medical evidence.

If you love someone with von Willebrand disease then we encourage you to talk to that person about whether Social Security disability may be a good option. This information may be a great way to start the conversation.

And if you need help with a Social Security Disability claim, call me at 904.981.9812.


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