I am pleased to announce that I will be presenting two sessions at the upcoming NOSSCR conference in Miami, Florida this June.  Another local attorney and I are working together to create presentation dealing with hearing tips and technical eligibility for benefits.  Whenever I work on a program, I learn a lot about the topic both from my own work and from the input I seek from others in this field who are always so generous.

I haven’t spoken at a NOSSCR conference in a few years and I always enjoy working with Erik Berger, so this is a win-win.

I’m excited for June to come around.

Florida Legal Elite

March 23, 2016

Florida Trend Magazine names attorneys to their Florida Legal Elite list every two years.  Once again, I’m humbled to be included in their list of Top Government and Administrative Lawyers.  Only 20 attorneys in this area state wide were selected and no other Jacksonville attorney is listed.  I’m also proud of my husband, Robert Miller, who was again named as a top Wills, Trusts and Estates attorney.

I Love Elizabeth Warren

March 16, 2016

Elizabeth Warren recently penned an article discussing a bill which would provide a one time payment to Social Security recipients equal to the 3.9% average pay raise received by CEOs.

Outside of introducing the bill, it was a thoughtful piece on Social Security benefits, speaking of how important they are to retired and disabled individuals.  She wrote that our government provides these benefits and in doing so, it speaks to our values as a nation–how we protect one another, our families and ourselves.  I love the way she framed benefits as an expression of our values.

Read the whole article here:


Wait Time for Hearings

March 9, 2016

I am heartened to hear that the Miami Heard is taking an interest in the long waiting times for hearings.  Over the last year, the Miami Office of Disability Adjudication and Review has had the longest average wait times in the country – a little more than 20 months and people are getting mad.  Read more:


A December 2015 report shows that wait times are still on the rise.

The longest wait is in Brooklyn, NY where claimants awaiting hearings are waiting 755 days–over two years–for a hearing determination.  The second longest wait is in Miami, Florida where the wait is 679 days.

Jacksonville is checking in at 584 days, significantly longer than the shortest wait time in Florida, which is St. Petersburg with just a 486 day wait.

486 days is still a long time–close to 16 months.  The shortest wait time in the country is 483 days, which is, again, 16 months.

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