Online Usage of Social Security Services is Improving

May 4, 2016

Many people who need to do business with Social Security are finding an awakening of sorts in how easy it is to use the online services.  SSA continually expands the online services to reflect changing customer needs.

Online services are convenient and secure, and allow you to conduct much of your business with us from the comfort of your home or office.

For instance, you can use the website at to apply for retirement, spouse’s, or disability benefits online. You can also apply for Medicare and “Extra Help” with your Medicare prescription drug costs on our website. The site also has online benefit planners to help you estimate your future retirement, disability, and survivors benefits.

You can open a free personal online “my Social Security” account, where you can keep track of your annual earnings and verify them.

Why is that important? Because your future benefits are based on your annual earnings.

With your account, you can also get an estimate of your future benefits if you are still working; or, if you currently receive benefits, you can use your account to manage your benefits, and get an instant letter with proof of your benefits. You can also request a Medicare card replacement.


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