Congressional Representative Escorted from local Social Security Office

November 16, 2016

This is kind of a fun article:

In October 2016, Congresswoman Michelle Lujan-Grisham walked into Albuquerque’s Social Security Office, just like anyone else who needs help – but she said she didn’t receive a warm welcome and after an hour, was escorted from the building by federal officers.

“It is the worst behavior of its kind that I’ve personally witnessed in this job,” Lujan-Grisham said.

The democratic representative was accompanying a 90-year-old woman to an appointment.

She wanted to stay incognito – to see first-hand how the office is handling requests. In the past, Lujan-Grisham has criticized the local Social Security Administration for not offering a drop-off zone at its new downtown location.

After an hour wait with the elderly woman, she said they got help but then got an alarming surprise.

“Two armed officers show up, tap me,” Lujan-Grisham said during an interview with KOAT-TV Friday. “They challenge me about my access, they challenge me about my right to be there.”

She said she told them like any citizen, she has a right to be there because it’s a public building, but they persisted.

“They ask me to leave where I am,” Lujan-Grisham said. “They want to escort me and have a conversation with me.”

After a few more minutes, Lujan-Grisham said the officers booted her from the building.

“It was purposeful, it was deliberate,” Lujan-Grisham said.

She’s spent the last day trying to get an explanation from the Social Security Administration and from Federal Protective Services, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, with no luck.

No one from either agency returned phone calls and emails KOAT either on Friday.

Lujan-Grisham took to Twitter after the incident and blasted the departments.

“If they treat me that way, imagine the culture and environment of how they are treating every single beneficiary,” Lujan-Grisham said.

She’s promising that her fight is far from over. Lujan-Grisham said she’s working on formal complaints to file against the offices and also wants a full investigation into the incident from the Office of the Inspector General completed.

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