ALJ Statistics

February 22, 2017

Fiscal Year 2016 statistics are out with regard to Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) productivity.  Most ALJs (0ver 900) tend to issues between 400 and 600 decisions each year, or an average of 33-50 decisions each month.  However, some ALJs are outliers:

  • About 75 ALJs issued over 600 decisions
  • About 290 ALJs issued between 300 and 400 decisions
  • About 400 ALJs issued less than 200 decisions

The statistics may be skewed in that some of the less productive ALJs could have been hired mid-year, however, if any ALJ is working full time and issuing less than 30 decisions a month, I would consider that to be deplorable.  Disabled individuals are waiting, at least in Jacksonville, upwards of 18 months for a decision.  We have 14 ALJs in our office, suggesting that, on average between 8000 and 9000 decisions each year.   Unfortunately, there are probably in excess of 14000 individuals waiting for hearings.  Currently, the Jacksonville office has been transferring their workload to other offices in Birmingham and Florence Alabama.  I am hopeful that this initiative will help the wait times will decrease but I think a modest increase in the lowest producing ALJs would also decrease the backlog of cases and consequently, the wait time for a hearing.

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