Disability Recipients Dropping

February 7, 2018

Last week, I provided information on disability applications dropping since 2010.  Additional information suggests that the number of disability recipients has also decreased.  There has been a steady decrease in people receiving SSDI disabled worker benefits since third quarter of 2015; the number of SSI recipients under age 65 reached its highest point in 2013 and has decreased each year since. Reasons for this include disabled workers reaching full retirement age and being switched to Social Security old-age benefits, an increased number of Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs) and SSI redeterminations, fewer applications, and of course the increased time it takes to receive a disability determination.

The decrease in SSDI claimants and bene ciaries has extended the predicted solvency of the SSDI trust fund. The 2017 Trustees’ Report estimates that the trust fund will pay all benefits until 2028, five years longer than predicted in the 2016 report. After 2028, the trust fund could pay 93% of bene ts. However, in all situations in the past where a Social Security trust fund faced insolvency, Congress took action to maintain SSA’s ability to pay all bene ts that were due.


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