She Voted For Trump

July 11, 2018

While I don’t typically post positions that take a strong political stance, I was intrigued by this article I saw on

Krista Shockey voted for President Trump in November. Now she’s one of the people who might get hurt under his plan to cut safety net programs for the poor and disabled.

Shockey is on Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a program to help low-income Americans who are disabled. The monthly payment is just over $700 a month.

“It’s my only income,” Shockey told CNNMoney in the fall, when we first met her in Waverly, a small town in southern Ohio that’s seen better days. “I couldn’t live” without it.

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My MS Hero

July 4, 2018

I love this story about Kathleen Sheehan, who has MS and hasn’t let it stand in the way of adapting to a new type of job.  She is also my friend’s sister, which is how I came across this article.  I hope she inspires you too.

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