Reconsideration Reinstated

March 6, 2019

Reconsideration was reinstated in five of the 10 prototype states on January 1, 2019: New Hampshire; New York; Louisiana; Colorado; and California (Los Angeles North and West Branches). 83 Fed. Reg. 63965. “This means that for the residents in these locations who applyfor Social Security Disability Insurance Benefitsor Supplemental Security Income, or both, and who receive an initial denial determination on orafter January 1, 2019, the first step of the appealsprocess will be to request a reconsideration of that determination. If [SSA denies] an individual at the reconsideration step, they may then seek further review of their claim by requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge.”

Reconsideration will be reinstated in the five remaining states on a rolling basis by June 26, 2020:

• Pennsylvania: April 1, 2019

• Alabama: October 1, 2019

• Michigan: October 1, 2019

• Missouri: January 1, 2020

• Alaska: March 1, 2020

Given that one of SSA’s reasons for reinstating reconsideration in these prototype states is to“have a national, unified disability process thataffords all disability claimants the same appeal rights in all states,” NOSSCR expects that the reinstatement procedures/process, explained above,will be the same in the five remaining states oncereconsideration is reinstated in those states.

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