Erroneous Earnings and Identity Theft

March 13, 2019

When applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, earnings that post to your earnings record after you became disabled may suggest that you are working and not disabled under SSA’s regulations.  If the earnings do not belong to you, you might be the victim of identity theft.

If you believe you are victim of identity theft, there is much that can be done to correct SSA’s records. SSA’s form to correct the earnings record is the SSA-7008. Since this form is more commonly used for situations where people’s earnings need to be added, not removed from, the earnings record, make sure to give a clear explanation in the remarks section. Another option allowed in the POMS for disclaiming earnings (RM 03870.060) is to use a signed statement, such as the SSA-795.

If you  need help with correcting your earnings record, contact Tracy Tyson Miller at 904-981-9812 or email at

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