Veteran’s Disability: Common Questions and Answers from SSA

October 16, 2019

The Social Security Administration provides expedited processing of disability claims filed by veterans who have a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Compensation rating of 100 percent Permanent & Total (P&T).

What do I need to know about the Veterans Affairs and Social Security programs?

Both Social Security and Veterans Affairs pay disability benefits to qualifying people, but their programs, processes, and criteria for receiving benefits are different. A Veterans Affairs compensation rating of 100 percent P&T doesn’t guarantee that you’ll receive Social Security disability benefits. To receive disability benefits from Social Security, a person must have a severe impairment that’s expected to last at least one year or to result in death. The impairment must be so severe that the person would be unable to perform any substantial work.

NOTE: Receiving Veterans Affairs compensation won’t affect your Social Security benefits.

What should I do to receive expedited processing of my Social Security disability application?

If you’re a disabled veteran rated 100 percent P&T, you must:

• Identify yourself as a “veteran rated 100 percent P and T” when you apply for benefits. If you apply in person or over the phone, tell the Social Security representative that you are a veteran rated 100 percent Pand T. If you apply online, enter “Veteran 100% P&T” in the “Remarks” section of the application; and

• Provide Social Security with your Veterans Affairs notification letter which verifies your rating.

How will Social Security expedite my disability claim?

After Social Security identifies you as a veteran rated 100 percent P&T, we’ll treat your claim as a high priority workload and rush it through the application process in our field offices, our state Disability Determination Services, and the various levels of appeals.

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