I’m back from San Antonio, Texas where I attended a national conference hosted by the National Organization of Social Security Claimant’s Representatives, the major advocacy groups for attorneys who help people with Social Security matters. I was honored to speak and presented an introductory session for new practitioners with two other attorneys (Gil Laden from Alabama and Paul Eaglin from Alaska). I also attended over 20 hours of classes, where I was able to learn from other attorneys. I am back with lots of new ideas about how to successfully demonstrate to the Social Security Administration that my clients are disabled and would work if they could. At the conference, I was also elected to the Board of Directors for NOSSCR, where I will represent members from the Eleventh Circuit (Florida, Georgia and Alabama). Gil Laden was also elected, so I expect that he and I will enjoy working with each other. As a board member, I hope to advocate to politicians about the Social Security Disability process.

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